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In the IT Support industry, there are often times when a client needs help with their computer and it is not possible to visit them. At Tendo Computers we use various remote control applications. This software allows us to remotely control a computer, as if we were physically in front of it. This can save a long journey and enables us to resolve problems quickly. We have actually used this to help with IT problems at Kiwoko Hospital in Uganda, without leaving Bangor, NI.

TeamViewer is one example which is free-of-charge for personal use. This is especially useful if a relative needs help with their computer when you are not able to visit them. The following notes will help you install TeamViewer. Once it is installed on the remote computer, you can remotely control that computer from anywhere, so long as it is powered on and online.

How to install TeamViewer

  1. Download TeamViewer (Windows or Mac):
  2. Run the TeamViewer setup file that is downloaded. (Accept security warnings at various stages of this installation.)
  3. Select the following options. You can decide between Company and Personal use. Personal is Free but should not be used commercially.TeamViewer installationTeamViewer installationTeamViewer installation
  4. Once registration is complete… you will need to add the PC/laptop as a ‘Trusted Device’. You will receive an email with a link. After adding the device, login to the TeamViewer application again.
  5. Once logged into the Teamviewer on the first PC/laptop, close the TeamViewer window. It should stay running in the background.
  6. On the other PC/Laptop - repeat the above steps except, select ‘I already have a Teamviewer account’ and login.
  7. You will need to add the PC/laptop as a ‘Trusted Device’, as before. Then login to the TeamViewer application again.
  8. You should now be able to see the remote PC/Laptop from either PC/Laptop as below. Select the remote computer and click 'Remote Control using password' to begin using TeamViewer.

TeamViewer installation

You can also install the free TeamViewer app on your smartphone and control the previously configured devices when out and about.

More information can be found on the TeamViewer website but please get in touch if we can be of help.



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