Is my Hard Drive about to fail?

Hard Drives keep me busy. Along with WiFi issues, Hard Drive failures are the most common problems I see. Since they are really the only mechanical part of a computer, they are the most likely point of failure.

Hard Drives are becoming old technology with Solid State Drives (SSD) becoming the standard. Similar to a flash drive, with no moving parts and higher speeds, SSD's are more efficient and less likely to fail. As the capacity of SSD's on the market increases, Hard Drives are likely to disappear in years to come.

Last week a customer called reporting the dreaded error 'Boot Device Not Found'. Basically, the laptop could not get the Hard Drive going and was making a lot of noise while trying. Despite my best efforts the drive was never going to work again. Unfortunately, all the user's data had been lost. I took some video footage to show what was going on inside the faulty Hard Drive - you can hear the Clicking sound and see where it is coming from...

3 ways to tell your Hard Drive may be about to fail.

  1. Strange Noises - Humming, long periods of silence, a Clicking sound (as in the video).
  2. Overall strange behaviour - Programs crashing, taking too long to load, cryptic error messages, disappearing files.
  3. Computer not starting properly - 'Boot Device Not Found' or the infamous 'Blue Screen of Death'.

There can be other reasons for some of the above symptoms but Hard Drive failure very likely. My advice would be: Don't let it fail.

What to do

Backup your data. We should all have a routine for backing up our data, or an automated Cloud-based backup - which I would highly recommend.

Have your Hard Drive replaced. If you do this before the Hard Drive finally fails, it can be possible to move (clone) everything to a new Hard Drive or SSD.

Tendo Computers exists to help you by solving problems like this. Please get in touch if you suspect your Hard Drive is failing or if you would like help with setting up backups. Don't wait until it is too late.


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