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We specialise in providing the highest quality refurbished laptops and desktop computers at great prices.

The Green option

These days, people are becoming more aware of the impact their lifestyle is having on the environment. Consumers want to know about the carbon footprint of an item before they make the purchase.

A typical laptop or desktop computer generates 300kg – 350kg of CO2 in its production and initial shipment from its place of manufacture. This figure is around 70% of the total carbon emissions throughout the entire lifespan of a computer including the manufacture.

Purchasing a refurbished computer or laptop rather than a new device will reduce the amount of CO2 in our environment. This will also save a perfectly capable device adding to the overflowing landfill sites.

Consumer versus Enterprise Computers

All the refurbished computers we supply are from the Enterprise range. These models are different from the consumer devices available in High Street computer shops. It is important to understand the difference...

Computers manufactured for the consumer market place are built to reach a price point whereas units that are destined for the corporate arena are built to withstand the rigours of everyday use. These Enterprise ranges are offered by the major manufacturers such as HP, Dell, Lenovo and Fujitsu. The difference in the quality of the materials used in these ‘Enterprise’ or ‘Elite’ ranges is considerable and this can be seen in the original price of these products which will generally be four to six times higher than their consumer equivalent.

In other words, the Refurbished computers we supply are of a significantly higher standard than those available in the local computer store.

refurbished computers

The Refurbishment Process

Every computer goes through a comprehensive series of processes.  The end result being a finished item of outstanding quality backed up with a 12 month parts and labour warranty. Our warranties can be extended to up to 36 months, such is our faith in the quality of the products offered.

  1. Every device goes through a visual examination to ensure it is suitable for refurbishment.
  2. Each item is thoroughly cleaned to remove all traces of dust and grime, both internally and externally.
  3. Every component is tests with specialised software which pushes everything to its limit.
  4. Every machine is loaded with Microsoft Windows 10 Professional and a new Certificate of Authenticity (COA) is added.
  5. Each machine is externally refinished to restore the external case to as close to new as possible.
  6. A specialist UV printer is used to restore every laptop keyboard to as new condition with no signs of wear.
  7. Final Step - Every machine goes to the quality control department where it undergoes a final inspection. The products are then packed into brand new brown boxes made from 85% recycled card and are ready for dispatch.

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