Website Project Complete

Dr Roy Millar has been a friend of Tendo Computers for many years. When he asked us to build his new website, the answer was easy. We got to work on

It was important to discover exactly what Roy wanted from the website. After several consultation sessions, the building work began. The purpose of the site was for people to listen to Roy's Bible teaching sessions which he had recorded over many years. Along with the downloadable reading materials, a site visitor can learn from Roy and hopefully realise the Story of the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation.

Roy's book; 'Come and See', was published in April this year. The book can be purchased through the website at cost-price. Purchasers are invited to donate to Kiwoko Hospital, Uganda.

You can visit Roy's website here.

If you would like Tendo Computers to help you build a new website, please get in touch. We can also host your website and email accounts.


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